West Nipissing Recycling

  • By-law 2019-37 - Set Solid Waste Rates for 2019


  • Blue Box Program

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    Waste Collection (garbage) and Recycling By-law 2019/67 

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    The desired curbside situation is two streams clearly separated, with all dry paper recyclables neatly placed in a Blue Box, cardboard box, paper bag or tightly tied bundle. 

    Placed right next, a second stream, consisting of a mix of container recyclables (plastics, glass and metals). Contained in either a second Blue Box or a clear plastic bag(s).

    In Home Recycling Program

    Designate an area in your home for storage of the recycled material.

    1. Distinguish what can and cannot go in your blue box (see below)
    2. Establish a routine of separating your household waste from the recycled materials
    3. Mark down on a calendar the bi-weekly schedule of the curb side pick up. (every second week)
    4. Place your recyclables at the curb no earlier than 7pm on the eve and no later than 7am on the morning of. Please seperate the papers from your glass, cans and plastics.

    What can be Recycled?

    Paper Recyclables

    • Corrugated cardboard (Broken down, no bigger than 24'' x 24''- all styrofoam must be removed)
    • Newspaper & Flyers
    • Boxboard (cereal, tissue and cracker boxes)
    • Catalogues & Magazines
    • Hard & Soft cover books
    • Phone books
    • Writing Paper
    • Greeting Cards
    • Paper Egg Cartons & Trays

     Container Recyclables

    • Aluminum Cans
    • Plastic Containers with Symbols (#1-7)
    • Cans (lids removed)
    • Glass Bottles & Jars (Lids removed)
    • Steel Cans
    • Empty, Dry Paint cans (Lids removed)


     greenWest Nipissing Recycling Depot

    ALL Landfill Sites have RECYCLING BINS for cardboard, newspapers, glass, tin, aluminum and plastics. They are accessible during hours of operation.

    Click here for print-out of additional information.


    24 hour access Recycling bin locations

    • Verner Arena Parking Lot
    • Crystal Falls and Tomiko Lake Area- Boat Launching Site on Crystal Falls Road
    • Field – Larocque Street behind Riverview Market
    • North Monetville Fire Hall

    Cache Bay • Crystal Falls • Desaulniers • Field • Kipling • Lavigne • North Monetville • River Valley • Sturgeon Falls • Verner