Miscellaneous Licensing

The Municipality of West Nipissing requires a license to be obtained for:

1.     A Transient Trader (also knows as "temporay sales" or "hawkers and pedlars") wether from a fixed location or on a door to door basis

Hawkers & Pedlars / Transient Traders / Mobile Food Service Equipment By-law 2016/40



2.     Dogs and Cats, i.e. Licensing & Kennels

Dog By-law 2000/20

Dog By-law Amendment 2006/39 (Kennel Fees, etc.)

Dog By-law Amendment 2010/74 (Kennels)

Application for Kennel License

Control of Cats By-law 1999/28

Control of Cats By-law Amendment 2002/34 (Tags)

Control of Cats By-law Amendment 2015/56


3.     A Taxi-Cab (please note that no licenses are presently available for issuance - only 13 licenses are available and all are issued at this time)

Taxi By-law 2016/63


Please contact the Municipality of West Nipissing for further information on any of these by-laws or the license application cost or review and approval process/timelines.

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